Don't Fall Victim to These 8 Exercise Myths!

exercise myths

Myths can be cute when they’re told around a campfire, but nobody wants a troublesome myth following them around the gym. Let’s keep the myths and marshmallows in the woods, and the hard fast facts in the gym where you want to put in real work that gets real results. Here’re 8 exercise myths that might be trying to haunt your workout and keep your A game at a B-.

Look Out for These Eight Exercise Myths that Might be Stunting Your Progress

1. You don’t have to worry about proper form when you use a machine.

Liar! It’s always important to use proper form. Anything less will lead to mediocre results, unintended side effects, or worse: injury. If you’ve never had a trainer demonstrate the proper form on each machine, do it. It’ll save you a lot of time “undoing” what you may have done wrong for a long time.

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2. The cardio machine is tracking your calorie burn.

Liar! You’re telling me that slab of metal on that slab of plastic is high-tech enough to calculate the intricate nuances of my body? Right. I’ll believe it when the grips a little look more like an Apple watch.

3. A treadmill run is much easier on the joints than pavement.

Liar! The majority of the impact is coming from the weight of your body coming down on your ankles, knees, and legs. This is happening whether you’re running on a treadmill, a sidewalk, or a street that’s paved with cheese. The best way to save your joints is to mix up your routine with some low-impact exercises.

exercise myths

4. Go big or go home.

No, you go home bro! Sure, we want to push ourselves, but not too unhealthy lengths. The best way to advance in a sustainable way is to do it gradually. Unless you want to be on the bench with a five-month recovery and lose all your momentum. Take the humble path, and see if you don’t just pass up a few of those eager beavers who are gnawing for the approval of others more than their well-being.

5. Weight loss is the only indicator of progress.

Liar! As you stay determined and consistent, you will see several different transformations in your body, mind, and personality. Your weight may even stay the same as you trade your fat weight for muscle weight, and that sure sounds like progress to me.

6. Crunches are the only way to get flat abs.

Liar! No matter how many times you fold up and down like a clam, a six-pack isn’t going to emerge for the world to see until the belly fat disappears. This is only going to come from consistent cardio and proper eating plans.

7. If you’ve worked hard, you can have a cheat day.

Nope! Work out one day and pig out the next? You’re back at square one! Not saying you never get a treat, but having a whole day of it is anything but harmless.

8. If you’re overdoing it, you’ll feel it.

LI-AH! It’s an age-old fact; when your blood is pumping, your adrenaline kicks in. And when that happens your body can withstand a lot more without feeling it at the moment. That’s why many people only discover pains and injuries after their bodies have cooled down. Build gradually, and don’t let your hot-shot friends pressure you into more.

Now that these exercise myths are cleared, up you can work out with more accuracy, and therefore more results! And long-lasting good results are anything but mythical. Welcome to the real world.

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