5 Fitness Styles That Fit Your Personality


Variety is important in the gym (let alone life in general). Intuitive, right?

Indeed, for optimal health, most experts advise getting a mix of resistance training, aerobic training, and high-intensity interval training sprinkled into your week. Individual prescriptions will look a little different, of course, and are necessarily influenced by things like personal goals, health status, age, and ability level.
But overall, the more diverse and challenging your exercise routine is, the more effective it’ll be for you—and the less likely you’ll be bored or hit a plateau.

Variability aside, however, sometimes you just feel like moving in a way you love. Need some inspiration? Check out our recommendations for finding a fitness style that matches your personality (or at least your current mood).

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5 Fitness Paces & Styles—and the Personalities That Love ‘Em

1) High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you’re a driven and goal-oriented person who’s always on the go, you’ll love interval sessions. HIIT is, by design, shorter and more intense, leaving you plenty of time to bust your butt and then get back to all the other things on your plate—hopefully with a little more confidence and energy.

fitness HIIT

2) Low-Intensity Steady-State Cardio (LISS)

Going for long runs, logging laps in the pool, hopping onto your favorite machine, or even heading out for a brisk walk are ideal if you love to use exercise as meditation. If you gain peace of mind doing repetitive and enjoyable tasks, you can easily get into the flow of feel-good endorphins during steady state cardio—without being distracted from your proclivity to day-dream and let your thoughts wander (or quiet down, for that matter).

3) Weightlifting & Bodyweight Resistance Exercises

Are you adventurous and love to try new things? Do you enjoy learning and playing new sports? Are you patient and don’t give up easily? If exercise for you is as much about skill development as it is health promotion, then learning how to lift heavy weights and master the basics of gymnastics can be deeply satisfying.

4) Group Classes

Working out with friends and even strangers is the social butterfly’s dream. Flit into one of our many group fitness classes (including yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and BodyPump) if you love to meet new people and have fun while you’re working hard.
Hint: we recommend all personality types experiment with a group class from time to time. It could be just the novel experience you need to challenge yourself physically and mentally!

fitness group

5) Personal Training

If you learn best in a one-on-one environment and are relatively comfortable in a spotlight, working with a personal trainer is a great option for you. For one thing, you’ll get the benefit of all the previous styles of exercise. But these fitness paces will be delivered to you in a private setting with thorough attention and real-time correction—perfect if you’re the type of introvert who feels energized by intimate conversations rather than big group events.

Inspired? Check out our diverse range of group classes and personal training options for our members.

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