4 Seattle Gems: Eat Your Way Through Downtown Seattle

downtown seattle restaurants

You’ve busted your butt at the gym, now it’s time to unwind and dine. Head into the city to get your protein fix or carb load with friends. There are plenty of hidden and not so hidden gems from which to choose. Here are some fun food spots to consider when heading to Downtown Seattle.

4 Restaurants You Have to Try in Downtown Seattle:

1) Nue: for the Adventurous

Photo By: Nue Seattle

Are you one of those people who love cross-training? You run a progressive on the treadmill one day and try a Yoga class the next? Carry that enthusiasm for variety at the gym into your night out. Go with your gang to Nue on 14th Avenue! The menu at Nue is eclectic and creative on any given day. The menu is updated and frequently changed to appease the most adventurous and curious. The menu possibilities include Vietnamese, Hungarian, Puerto Rican, Balinese, Laotian, East Indian inspired dishes and more. What is good for you at the gym, is good at Nue. Variety is, indeed, the spice of life.


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2) Chan: for the Asian Cuisine Enthusiast 

chan seattle

Photo By: Chan Seattle

A gem of a place that won’t undo all the good you’ve done for yourself during the week at the gym is Chan in Pike Place Market. The food at this creative Korean restaurant is uber-fresh. As Seattle’s “only” gastro pub the restaurant seeks the most local seafood, vegetables, and meats available. Many of these ingredients are readily available to them right outside their door. The owners want diners to feel the vibe of restaurants in Seoul. Try it out with confidence, knowing you’re consuming the best of the best ingredients.

3) The Pink Door: for the “Dinner and a Show” Type

the pink door seattle

Photo By: The Pink Door Seattle

The Pink Door is a must at some point in your Seattle life- great Italian Food, burlesque shows, trapeze artists. You might learn a move or two to take back to the gym! A little groove for the treadmill or an inspired yoga pose? However, it’s currently being renovated and will launch a re-opening this spring. But, that’s o.k., because there is another Italian Restaurant that deserves your attention right now!

4) Assaggio Ristorante: for the Classic Eater

Assaggio Ristorante Seattle

Photo By: Assaggio Ristorante

Assaggio Ristorante in the heart of Downtown Seattle is akin to an elliptical at the gym. It’s a place to go if you’ve never been and it appeals to most everyone. It’s truly hard to find someone who doesn’t like Italian food, so it’s a great choice for a night out with friends or someone special. Assaggio’s makes it clear why! There are salads, soups, pasta, entrees and desserts to please every palate and preference. The cheery chef’s passion translates to both the dishes and the dining room atmosphere. The ambiance in this place will help you find your happy. It’s a great place to consider if you want to carb load, enjoy some meaty protein or eat a salad to get your veggies.


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