3 Hidden Restaurants in Capitol Hill You NEED to Try

3 hidden restaurants

Who doesn’t love finding a gem of a restaurant? I know I do! And it’s the best when you find a place that not only has fantastic food but a great environment and friendly service as well. Capitol Hill has quite a few interesting places to eat, and I’m going to tell you about 3 hidden restaurants in Capitol Hill. By the way, they just happen to be my favorite restaurants in town!

3 Hidden Restaurants in Capitol Hill

If you’ve never done much exploring around the area, it’s time to get out your running shoes and some extra stretchy pants (and maybe a bib), so you can try these 3 hidden restaurants in Capitol Hill.

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Rancho Bravo Tacos

3 hidden restaurants inOf course, tacos are first on my list. That’s because tacos are amazing and pretty much everyone loves them. Rancho Bravo started out as a food truck only. Now they’ve branched out into many locations due to high demand and even higher satisfaction. What sets Rancho Bravo apart from the others? They’re just plain delicious! With simple and fresh ingredients, made to order, and a super friendly environment, you’re sure to enjoy your visit.

There’s something for everyone at Rancho Bravo. From yummy tacos to soups and salads and even some pretty incredible tamales, you’re sure to find some pallet pleasers there. They also serve some great pizza and burgers! Pretty strange for a Mexican food joint, but they’re out to please everybody.

Dueminuti Healthy Pasta

3 Hidden Restaurants in Capitol HillHave a hankering for gourmet, but not for gourmet prices? This is the place for you then! Dueminuti Healthy Pasta serves homemade natural pasta that is lower in carbohydrates and higher in fiber, protein, and all the good stuff you crave.

The environment is friendly and welcoming. They rotate their menu from time to time, but always being sure to keep their most popular dishes. For example, the oxtail ragout made with grass-fed beef and topped with a delicious horseradish gremolata (mouth is watering), and their basil pesto topped with organic roasted tomatoes, which is super fresh and full of flavor. The portions are perfect, and so is the price, stop by and get your pasta fix without the guilt.

Li’l Woody’s

3 Hidden RestaurantsIf you’re a burger connoisseur, you’re definitely going to want to stop into Li’l Woody’s. Ironically, there’s nothing “Li’l” about their burgers, and they come in over 12 varieties. From the Pendleton burger that’s piled high with crisp onion rings and BBQ sauce, to The New Mexican, topped with roasted green chilis and homemade queso sauce, you’re going to find the right fit for sure.

All their burgers are made with grass-fed sustainably farmed beef and made fresh to order. The prices won’t drain your wallet and the shakes, oh, I forgot about the shakes! Smooth and delicious and served by the friendliest people you’ll ever meet in a clean, rustic, and upbeat environment.

The Seattle area holds some of the best places to eat, that’s for sure. Try out these 3 hidden restaurants in Capitol Hill and see what you think. Enjoy!

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