Six Gifts for Foodies on Your Shopping List

gifts for foodies

What do you get a foodie that has almost everything they need in their kitchen already? Below are six gifts for foodies that everyone who loves to cook will love.

Here are 6 PERFECT Gifts for Foodies

1. Food Processor

This piece of kitchen equipment is so versatile and makes cooking and baking so much easier. You can use it to chop vegetables, grind up nuts, spices, or meats, shred cheese, puree soups and sauces, mix the dough, and make dips such as salsa or hummus.

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2. Spiralizer

This equipment can create noodles from vegetables such as zucchini, sweet potatoes, cabbage, and squash, allowing those on a low-carb, paleo, or gluten-free diet a great alternative 

to traditional noodles.

gifts for foodies

3. Kombucha Kit

Kombucha, whaaaat? If you’ve never heard or tried kombucha, I would highly recommend changing that. Kombucha is a fermented tea and has increased in popularity due to its health benefits such as probiotics and digestive enzymes that are great for digestion. Although you can buy kombucha at most grocery stores, they can get pricey. Buying a kombucha kit allows a foodie to experiment with creating different flavors and make this healthy beverage right in the comfort of their home.

4. CSA Membership

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is an excellent way to get fresh produce, meats, and eggs from local farmers. Buying a CSA membership not only supports local farmers; it gives foodies high-quality ingredients to cook with. Visit to find a CSA near you!

5. Glass Containers

Plastic containers can leach chemicals into food, which is why buying glass containers is a great alternative for storing foods. Glass containers also make great measuring cups and serving dishes, and can even be used for cooking and baking.

6. Magazine Subscriptions

Every foodie loves reading about food so buying a magazine subscription to food magazines is a great way for foodies to try new recipes and get new ideas. Some food magazines ideas are Clean Eating, EatingWell, Bon Appetite, and Food and Wine.

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