Fight Away the Rainy Day Blues With this Boxing-Inspired Workout!

boxing workout

It’s starting to feel like winter in Seattle. ‘Tis the season for cold rainy days that make you want to hibernate. But, before you grab a blankie to get warm, why not box your way into a toasty sweat instead?
The workout below includes a stopwatch and a jump rope. If you don’t have a jump rope just pretend you do and perform the suggested footwork to boost your agility skills. Allot 25- 30 minutes for this BASIC BOXING BLAST.

Basic Boxing Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Jumping Jack Jabs

– 3 minutes:
Do 8 jumping jacks, then 8 right jabs. Do 8 jacks, then 8 left jabs. Repeat for 4 sets.
Break it down to 8 sets of 4 jacks, 4 jabs. Then do 8 sets 2 jacks, 2 jabs.
Finish out the 3 minutes with do one jack & one jab, alternating sides.

– 3 minutes:
Eliminate the jumping jack and do alternating jabs on each side while doing a boxer’s shuffle with your feet.
Then build up to 2 on each side, 4 on each side and finally, 8 on each side before working back down to singles as you finish the three-minute bout.

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 Jump Rope Set 1

– 1 minute Regular Jump Rope
– 1 minute Heels Front
– 10 seconds Right Foot Only, 10 seconds Left Foot Only. Complete 5 sets.

Kick Drills

kicking workout

– Front Kicks: 3 sets of 10 each leg. Start in a squat with your legs shoulder-width apart. Stay strong and steady in your left leg as you kick your right leg front.

– Side Kicks: Step to your right as you kick your left leg to the side. Do 10 on one side, then 10 on the other for 3 rounds.

– Rear Kick: Step forward on your right foot. Kick your left foot toward the wall behind you. Look at the back wall as you kick. Turn to face the front wall after you kick. Repeat 10 times on each leg for 3 rounds.

Jump Rope Set 2

– 1 minute Fast Toes Front
– 1 minute Backward Jump Rope
– 1-minute Double-Jumps (The rope goes under your feet twice in one jump.)

Bob and Weave With Hand Wrap Frenzy

– Take your feet into a wide squat. Pretend you are ducking under the rope on a boxing ring. Hinge at your hips, bend your knees, keep your feet on the floor and duck under the rope right and left. Each time you go under pop up on the other side of the (imaginary) rope by extending through your side and leg. Then duck under again. Do this 10 times.

– Return to the squat position and pulse your squat while you pretend to quickly put on hand wraps (winding your hands in front of you) for 10 counts in one direction and 10 counts in the other (unwrapping) direction.

Complete 8 sets of the sequence.

Jump Rope Set 3

– 1 minute Jumping Jack Jump Rope (Do a jumping jack motion with your feet as you jump rope, but alternate crossing right/left foot front on the inward movement.)
– 1 minute Heel/Toes- Do 8 revolutions with heels front, then 8 with toes front.
– 1 minute Basic Jumping as FAST as you can go.

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