What to do When Your Support Team Isn't Supporting Your New Fitness Goals

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If you’ve recently begun a journey in fat loss and wellness, congratulations. You’re making the wise choice to invest some time, money, and sweat into yourself now so that your current and future self will be healthier and happier–and will stick around longer! But for all the genuine energy you’re putting into achieving your new fitness goals, it may be surprising to realize that some of your family members and friends may not share in your excitement. In fact, we should warn you–some of them may even seem a bit resentful the stronger and leaner you get.

What gives, right? Listen: your loved ones are “loved” for a reason, and we’re sure most of them will be totally supportive of your blossoming healthy lifestyle. But for the friends and family who are a little less enthusiastic, we’ve got some helpful tips to keep you focused—with or without their support.

3 Ways to Stay on Track of Your Fitness Goals–Even When Your Friends Aren’t Going Along With You

1) Don’t Take it Personally

Seeing you eating healthier, working out more, and placing a higher value on your health, in general, may actually feel threatening to a friend who doesn’t currently share that same value. She or he may start to feel insecure about their own health status, or feel worried that because “you’re changing” means that you won’t be their friend anymore. If necessary, feel free to have a chat with your bud about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it–and remind them how much they mean to you. Ultimately, if a buddy seems weirded out by your efforts to become a healthier you, then remember that this is a reflection on them, not you. Approach this type of friend with compassion and understanding–and if it gets to the point where their presence actually becomes toxic or sabotaging, then you may need to get some space from them. It’s hard, but sometimes it’s necessary.

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2) Get Comfortable Saying “No”

A lot of the things you love to do with your friends probably involve activities that can negate your hard work in the gym and the kitchen. You’ll need to start being a bit more selective about the invites you say “yes” to, and get comfortable saying “no” to some of them. No, you do not have to go to every bar, club, or late-night movie. But you can when you truly want to, because after all–you love hanging out with your friends! To help you deal with the FOMO and discomfort of saying “no,” remember your goals. What personal benefits are you looking to achieve through eating better, working out more, and getting more fitness goalssleep? Keep all those in mind, and feel free to suggest some healthy activities to do with your buddies (e.g., a hike or a beach day, etc.) so you can still join in on the fun without having to deal with temptation.

3) Recruit Some New Supporters!

No, we’re not saying you have to ditch your friends. But hey, if you’ve got so many awesome buddies in the first place, then it definitely won’t be hard for you to make some new like-minded companions! Places to look: other friendly faces in the gym, local running groups or sports teams, and good old social media. Find people who are also working on their fitness goals and are sharing positive, inspiring, and authentic tidbits about their own journeys. Consider these new peers as your go-to team to help you stay on top of your nutrition and workout plans, bounce ideas off of, and share all your big and small successes along the way.

At the end of the day (or the workout, as it were), remember that ultimately you’re doing this for you. Other people may not understand why you’re changing your habits, your food, your schedule, or even your looks in order to achieve your fitness goals. But you know what? That’s totally okay. They don’t have to understand, and you don’t have to explain it to them.

You only owe it to yourself to keep working on becoming the best version of “you”–a person who your true friends will love and support no matter what.

Got any personal experience on dealing with a questioning friend during your fitness journey? Let us know how you handled it by sharing below!

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