Take Advantage of the Cool Weather With These Fun Outdoor Fall Activities

outdoor fall activities

This time of year, tourists and locals seem to be equally obsessed with spending time outside in the Pacific Northwest, and for a good reason. The fall weather here is some of the most gorgeous you can find in the entire country!  It’s time to take advantage of the cool weather, the crisp air, the comfortable jackets, and the gorgeous autumn colors. Check out some of these fun outdoor fall activities!

5 Outdoor Fall Activities to Get You Excited About This Season!

1. Pack a healthy picnic.

When it’s not too hot and not too cold outside, a picnic in the park is an excellent option for a romantic date or a fun time with friends. Bring along some fall-inspired healthy food options like apple cider, Paleo pumpkin bread, or pears and cheese. Oh, and don’t forget a snuggly plaid blanket for optimal mood-setting!

outdoor fall activities

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2. Peruse a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.

It’s not too late to pick out that perfect pumpkin or batch of apples for some homemade treats (did someone say roasted pumpkin seeds?). For an uber-nostalgic and family-friendly weekend outing, find a nearby apple orchard and get to pickin’.

3. Head out for a hike.

Whether you’re looking for an easy trail to hit with your kids and dog or a more challenging trail for some effective cardio, a fall hike comes out on top every time.

Hey, even those “easy” trails can be made a lot harder just by strapping on a weight vest or by carrying an odd object. Get creative and get out there!

4. Visit a farmer’s market.

Buying in-season produce can save you money and give you a better bang for your buck since the food will be freshly harvested and chock full of nutrients. Plus, a visit to an indoor or outdoor farmer’s market is a great way to support local farmers and family-owned businesses!

Check out Seattle Neighborhood Farmers’ Market to find one in your area.

5. Run in a local 5k.

Even if you’re new to running, a 5k road race is most likely a “doable” challenge (provided you check with your doc first if you’re really on the first leg of your fitness journey). Plus, training for a small run can be a great way to keep yourself motivated to train during the busy holiday season while STILL being able to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather.

Whether it’s a Turkey Trot on the big day or some other fun and laid-back race, you’ve got tons of options living in the Seattle area. Check out seattleruns.com for ideas.

Got any other favorite outdoor fall activities to enjoy the weather with this time of year? We want to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share this article with any friends who could use a break from the indoors.

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