4 Tips to Help You Build Your Quads

build your quads

There’s been a lot of talk lately about glutes and how to train in order to improve your backside. But what about the other leg muscles? Want to build your quads to balance out your legs? Here are four training tips to help you in your pursuit of achieving perfect legs!

4 Training Tips to Help You Build Your Quads

1) Squats Aren’t Just for Your Butt:

One of the best ways to build your quads is with squats. Squats are amazing at recruiting multiple leg muscles and can easily boost overall mass. Once you have a solid base of fitness and have perfected your form, you can start playing around with the weight and foot placement to really emphasize your quad development. 

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2) The Hack Squats:

Don’t do just the usual squat for bigger quads. Move beyond the squat rack and do some hack squats for an awesome quad challenge. Focus on the eccentric part of the lift and avoid placing feet too high (which reduces stress on quads).

build your quads

3) Do Legs After a Rest Day:

You’ll be able to lift more weight and last longer when you do leg day after a rest day. By lifting with greater intensity and challenging your muscles with more weight, you’ll see quicker changes to your body, especially in areas like the quads.

4) Think Outside the Box:

If you want bigger quads, go beyond traditional training methodology and add some variety. Exercises that incorporate plyometrics and speed training are great at busting through plateaus and putting on size! See how your body responds to partial reps and pause sets, too.

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