Try 5 Smooth Organic Oils to Soothe Summertime Skin

soothe skin

Summer skies are beckoning you to bare some skin, get a little Vitamin D and celebrate those sculpted muscles you’ve been developing all winter. Whether enjoy swimming in the sea, transplanting zinnias or zipping around on your mountain bike you can keep your skin glowing, soft and nourished with oils.

Your skin is your largest organ. Skin protects your innards from many pollutants and hazards. What you put on your skin matters! There are many easy to find, economical, organic oils that absorb easily and treat your skin to healing vitamins and soothing compounds without harsh chemicals.

Chances are you already have a couple of marvelous moisturizing oils in your home. Go to the kitchen and look on your shelves. You might cook with these five favorites that are good for you inside and out:

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5 Smooth Organic Oils to Soothe Summertime Skin

1) Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rub extra virgin olive oil into the skin on your legs, arms and any place else you seek softness. It is pretty heavy, so use it very sparingly on your face or anywhere you are prone to get clogged pores.

2) Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is a fantastic all over body oil. After you rub in into your skin, rub some in around your nails. Try a drop or two on your hair to restore dry ends. The fatty acids in coconut oil are easily absorbed and add luster to skin and hair.

soothe skin

3) Avocado Oil.

If you have localized spots of dryness or other troubling skin conditions, a dab of avocado oil might help reduce inflammation and promote healing. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids.

4) Safflower Oil.

It’s definitely worth getting to know safflower oil in both the kitchen and post-bath! Safflower oil is similar to olive oil, but has a mild flavor and can be cooked at a higher temperature because it’s composed of unsaturated fatty acids. Those fatty acids are good news for your skin too. When rubbed in, safflower oil provides plenty of moisture without a scent or residue. Since it is odorless, you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil to a safflower base to create your signature scent.

5) Flaxseed Oil.

This particular oil is popular in some people’s kitchens because it is a great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. When used on the skin, it moisturizes and might provide some relief from inflammation.

Are you skeptical? That’s understandable. Oils do tend to get a bum rap as being greasy. However, problems only arise if you use too much. Don’t be afraid to give one or more of these oils a try. All five are affordable, easy to find and simple to use. You spend time taking care of your insides by working out and eating well. Show some summer lovin’ to you outer layer too.

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