Let's Get Personal: How an In-Club Trainer Crushes Online Workout Plans

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If you’re trying to get fit, lose body fat, and improve your overall health, getting as much support along the way is helpful for your bottom line. With a little digging, you can probably even find some decent online training programs (some for a price, some for free) that can give you week-by-week workout plans to help you stay focused and on track. Then again, you’ll probably find some not-so-decent ones, too.

But there’s one resource people find so valuable, they’re willing to pay a little more for it: private (or even semi-private) sessions from a personal trainer.

3 Things a Personal Trainer Can Offer You (And Which Most Online Training Programs Probably Can’t)

We’re not saying there aren’t great online protocols and resources out there, but if you feel a little lost in the gym or simply stuck in a rut, consider these unique ways a personal trainer can help you out:

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1. An individualized program.

The main benefit is in the name: personal trainer. By working with one, you’re getting a skilled fitness professional who can sit down with you to assess your current needs, goals, habits, beliefs, and lifestyle—as well as take you through a thorough initial test or consultation—in order to devise and implement the most appropriate workout plan for you.

Not only is this more effective, but it’s more rewarding in general. It’s also especially important if you’re working around an old injury, since your personal trainer can easily modify or omit movements to keep you safe.

personal trainer

2. Vetted advice.

Personal trainers need professional certifications, generally from one of four major governing bodies (including the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association) in order to legally work with clients.

This means your personal trainer has invested both time and money to pursue their career, gain the knowledge, skills, and in some cases advanced training and specializations to become a competent fitness professional.

While many online programs are designed and offered from legitimate resources, you can’t always tell for sure if your advice is sound or evidence-based. At PNW Fitness, our team of personal trainers are highly educated, passionate, and personable—the perfect combination to inspire and challenge you and your loved ones!

3. Real-time encouragement, education, and corrections.

The frequent face-to-face time experienced with a personal trainer is beneficial for several reasons whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness buff, including the few we can think of:

– The right kind of motivation (tough love, tireless cheerleading, etc.) you need to keep busting your butt mid-workout

– A mid-movement correction and immediate visual/auditory/tactile cues to make sure you’re performing a given movement correctly

– Extra goodies, like laughter, personal nutritional guidance, and accessory work

Have we piqued your interest in working with a personal trainer? Get in touch with our front desk staff so we can connect you with the perfect staff member today!

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