Travel the World with Taters: 5 Ways to Mix Up Your Potato Seasonings and Spices

potato spices

Of all the sides you’ll be serving up this holiday season, mashed potatoes are probably on everyone’s top 5 list. And for good reason:
How else are you supposed to make a gravy volcano on your plate?

But as delicious as butter and salt are, there are tons of other flavors you can use to prepare your potatoes with a twist. This Thanksgiving, feel free to go beyond the tater-standard herbs of chives, dill, and rosemary. Instead, take your dinner guests for a worldwide tour by adding a bit of exotic flair to your taters with one of these classic spices and herbs below.

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5 Ways to Mix Up Your Potato Seasonings and Spices

1) Fresh Basil

This light herb, a staple in Italian meals, is a perfect balance against the richness of potato mash. Try it in this recipe alongside some paprika and garlic!

2) Cumin

Make a Moroccan-inspired mash using this warm spice, featured in this recipe.

3) Ginger

For an Asian-style surprise that your guests will never see coming, try this recipe that uses fresh ginger, cumin, and caramelized onions.

4) Cinnamon

spices sweet potato

Looking for a Thanksgiving Day yam dish that doesn’t involve marshmallows? Cinnamon goes perfectly with sweet potatoes, as seen in this recipe.

5) Turmeric

This super-good-for-you spice, often used in Indian cooking, will give your potatoes a gorgeous golden hue. Try them in this recipe.

Sure, the holidays are all about family tradition. But just because mashed potatoes are practically a standard at any holiday meal doesn’t mean you can’t get a little bit creative with this super versatile side. If you end up giving one of these recipes a try, let us know how it tastes by sharing in the comments below!

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