5 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Office During the Holidays

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Ho ho ho at the office doesn’t have to mean no no no for you. Isolating yourself in your cubicle with a bag of carrot sticks like a Grinch while everyone else is feeling the joy isn’t necessarily great for your overall health and wellness.
You can go to the holiday office parties and enter the break room without breaking down when seasonal treats abound. Try these strategies to keep your wellness goals on track when your office breaks out the garland and goodies:

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5 Ways to Enjoy the Office Holiday Festives

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1) Respect the Treat Table.

Co-workers who bring in sugary snacks to celebrate this time of year aren’t on a personal mission to sabotage your health. In fact, unless you publicly advertise your wellness goals it’s likely they don’t know much about the personal mission you’re on. So, thank them even if you choose not to eat the treat.

2) Expressing Gratitude.

This can do two things for you. First, it builds better social relationships which can make your work life more fulfilling and productive. Second, studies show saying “thank you” can improve your physical and mental health according to Psychology Today. If your end goal is fitness and wellness, you owe the folks who brought the treats thanks for giving you the opportunity to say “thanks!”

3) Eat Your Lunch.

Don’t rely on those free holiday meals and snacks to fill you up during the workday. Pack a healthy lunch that meshes with your dietary needs and eat it. That way when you do enter the break room for a celebration you’re not overly hungry and reaching for everything in sight.

4) Drink Your Water.

People are often great about drinking water during warmer months. But, when the coolness of winter kicks in, water bottles are often neglected. Continue to hydrate through the holidays with water even if there’s a full punch bowl in the break room.

This helps on many levels. First, your brain needs water to function. Staying hydrated means you’ll have clear thinking, which leads to better productiveness at work. Keeping up with work tasks means you’ll actually have time to join the office holiday festivities.

Second, if you’re well hydrated you won’t feel as hungry when faced with a plate of tempting goodies. You’ll be better able to think clearly and make sound decisions as your hydrated brain and well-fed body work in tandem to keep you on a healthy course.

Third, staying hydrated helps your body stabilize blood sugar levels and allows your body to cleanse itself. This comes in handy if you do indulge in sugary sweetness or consume alcohol.

5) Party (With a Plan)!

Join the celebrations, but take a glass of water and a tray of healthy snacks to share so you have something in your hand. You can also consider what meshes with your wellness goals and pre-determine how much you will eat or drink, so if the spirit of over-indulgences starts to push you, you are empowered to stick with your plan.

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