Mental Toughness is a Huge Component of Getting Stronger, Here Are Tips to Help You Improve


At some point during a workout, you may be faced with a challenge that requires you to keep up the intensity and push through the discomfort. If you need a little help keeping the pedal to the metal, check out these 5 tips for improving that part of your brain that says, “I got this.”

3 Practical Ways to Improve Your Mental Toughness

1. Adopt a mantra

Repeat in your mind some mantra or saying that inspires you during your workout. It could make you laugh, make you feel empowered, or even make you feel a little bit angry. Whatever it is, make sure it gets you going.

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2. Keep your goals in sight—literally


What are your fitness goals exactly? Why are you willing to put yourself through workout hell day in and day out? Know your goals and post them everywhere as an inspiring reminder. On the fridge, in your bedroom, in your bathroom, on your phone, in your car.

3. Go ahead—make a little noise

We’re not saying you should be that guy or gal in the gym who’s always groaning, screaming, and hollering. But sometimes, making a bit of noise really can make you feel stronger and help you get through a tough lift or tough part of your workout.

Of course, if grunting’s not your thing, then feel free to focus on the noise of your breathing, instead. Centering your attention on your breath has 2 benefits: it can help you stay calm and focused during a tough workout, plus it can help ensure that you’re getting plenty of oxygen in your system to help you sustain an intense work output.

Do you have the mental fortitude to push yourself during your workouts? Give these mental training tactics a try and let us know if it helps!


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