It's Freezing & I'm Not leaving My House: 5 At-Home Workouts

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Ah, winter. One of our favorite times of year: the holidays, the family get-togethers, the warm fires, the outdoor fun, the football on TV. There are plenty of reasons to love this season!But sometimes, the weather really just is too frightful to head outside, and finding the motivation to workout can be tough. So, those days you really just don’t feel like coming down to PNW Fitness, feel free to stay home. We’ll miss you, of course, but you can still get a great workout in even if you stay in. Check out some of our favorite and creative suggestions below.

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5 At-Home Exercises To Make a Great Workout

At-Home Workouts

For those days when you look outside and all you can think is “nope,” run through some at-home exercises you can do in your very own living room, such as the following:

1) Step Ups:

The name describes the movement. Work your lower body by stepping up onto a sturdy chair or ottoman, or do them quickly on and off a bottom stair to work your agility.

2) Push Ups:

Whether from the knees or toes, this classic movement is great for developing strength and stability in your shoulders. Pro tip: don’t let your elbows wing out. Instead, keep them tucked in at your sides and go all the way down until your chest touches the floor.

3) Mountain Climbers:

Want to make this one extra saucy? Place your feet on some old hand towels and perform this classic, trunk-blasting move on tile or hardwood floor, sliding your toes up and down for faster movement.

4) Reverse Lunges:

Start in a standing position, then step one leg back until the back knee touches the floor. Option: grab some dumbbells if you have any (gallon jugs of water work well, too) and do a set of bicep curls or overhead presses at the top (standing position) of the lunge.

5) Pike Holds:

This is excellent for your core and awesome way to get upside down (great for your central nervous system and circulation). To do, put your feet up on a high step or sturdy piece of furniture and place your hands on the floor. Walk your hands in until they are under your shoulders (or however far is comfortable and safe for you). Keep your lower back straight (bend your knees if you have to), push your chest through your arms, and look back toward your toes. You’ll end up looking sort of like an upside-down L or V.

Go ahead, put 10-20 minutes on the clock, pick a few of your faves, and then get to work. The good news is, a warm shower and a post-workout meal from the fridge isn’t far away!

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