Start Carving Out Your Fall Abs with this 5 Move Ab Workout Routine

ab workout routine

Before you dive into the pumpkin lattes and get gourd fever during the next few months, how about using these last weeks to carve out your abs with a new ab workout routine before getting a start on that jack-o-lantern? The break between seasons is a great time to reinvigorate your workouts with renewed focus and a fresh plan.

If you plan on getting serious about whittling your middle into six pack abs, commit to working your back too. A healthy back will help you stand tall and maintain proper posture so your abs will look their best and your entire core will be ready to perform. And, on that note, make sure your abdominal work mirrors real life. Do some core work while standing!

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Here’s an ab workout routine made up of five moves that will wake-up your middle. Try all of the exercises without added equipment first. Once you’ve mastered the form, all you need is a kettlebell and your bodyweight to complete the routine. If you don’t have a kettlebell, grab a dumbbell and a medicine ball.

5 Exercises to Add to your Ab Workout Routine

ab workout routine

Kettlebell Swing

Stand with feet shoulders width apart. Then, hold the kettlebell in front of you with your palms facing your body. Bend your knees and let the kettlebell swing between your legs. Don’t let your knees come over your toes. Instead, press into your heels as you swing the kettlebell up to shoulder height with your arms still long. Tighten your glutes and thrust your hips forward on your upswing. (If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use a medicine ball.) Repeat 30 times. See example here.

Tea Pots

Stand tall and take the kettlebell in your right hand. Let it dangle by your side. Place your left hand on your hip. Initiate a side-bend to the right by contracting your oblique. Slowly come back to the center and then bend to the left side. Do 16 on each side. See example here.

Spiderman Plank Crunch

Get into a forearm plank by placing your forearms on the ground and your feet behind you. Bring your right knee toward your right elbow while keeping your rear-end aligned with your shoulders and heels. Return to the full plank. Repeat on the left. 16 on each side. See example here.

Russian Twists

Sit on the ground with your feet shoulder width apart. Lean back to a 45-degree angle. Make sure to keep your feet on the ground and twist to the right to tap your hands on the ground. Repeat on the left. Then try lifting the feet off the floor and see if you can keep your form while tapping. If you master these first two options, then pick up the added weight and give it a go. Do 30. See example here.

Hollow Body Rocks

Start by lying on your back with your arms overhead. Contract your abdominal muscles to raise your head and shoulders off the ground. Then, raise both feet off the ground. Start rocking shoulders-to-heels back and forth while keeping your limbs long. 16 times. See example here.

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