Recover in Style: How to Bounce Back After a Marathon (or any length of race)


Running is not joke, it takes a lot of energy and power from the body. Whether you run 1 mile or 10 miles, you should always take the time to recover.

Recovery and rest days are just as important as the exercise itself, so be sure you are giving your body adequate time to recoup, especially after a long run.

Take a Step by Step Approach to Post Marathon Recovery

Replenish What’s Been Lost

First and foremost, it’s important to rehydrate after a big run; I’m sure you probably already know this as most people are very thirsty after such a workout. Be sure you are replacing your electrolytes and sodium as well, not just with plain water. Protein is also much needed for recovery, after all, it’s the body’s building blocks that make everything happen such as muscle growth. Drink plenty of water, get your lean protein, and have some fresh fruits like banana and oranges for all the nutrients needed to recover your tired muscles.

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Get A Massage; You Deserve it!


Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada found that a 10-minute post exercise massage increased oxygen and blood flow to the worked muscles, bringing them much needed nutrients they needed to repair. The massage also decreased the inflammation in the muscles compared to those who did not have a massage. What better reason to pamper yourself with a relaxing deep tissue massage?

Stretch it out at Yoga Class

Maybe the last thing you want to do after a hard run is to go and exercise more, but hear me out! Taking a beginner yoga class is super beneficial for tired muscles. I say “beginner” because it will be a lot less strenuous and more focused on stretching rather than tying yourself up like a pretzel as you would in a more advanced class. Stretching is super beneficial for tired muscles, it helps to increase blood flow to the muscles and will also increase your flexibility as well.

Do you have a tried and true way of recovering after a successful marathon?

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