A Magical Combo: Healthy Pizza Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

pizza tacos

There are some food marriages that are meant to be- biscuits and gravy, peas and carrots, chocolate and, well, anything. But pizza AND tacos? Yep! Try out this healthy twist on an unexpected coupling this Cinco de Mayo. Perhaps next May 5th you’ll be making the recipe again to celebrate the anniversary of the joining of these two foods in wedded bliss. The beauty of this combo is that you don’t have to “settle.” Pizza tacos can suit anyone’s taste.

Judge the Book By Its Cover.

When you think about your perfect taco shell-mate, do you seek one that is soft and flexible or one that is hard and stays the course? Both have positive attributes.

Corn tortillas are gluten-free. But, in order to stand-up to heavy ingredients, they are often fried. If you don’t mind the extra fat, go for the corn-based gold. No matter what you throw in them, they can hold their own.

However, if you like a flexible exterior that melts into your hand and doesn’t laden you down with added fat, flour is your best bet. Many packaged flour tortillas are also preservative free.

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Keep it Saucy!

Every good relationship starts with a solid foundation. But a little spice keeps things interesting. For the sauce, think basic, but bold. It should tickle your tongue, add a smooth texture and bring out the best in your toppings. A do-it-yourself option is to marinate diced fresh tomato, basil, garlic, black pepper and shredded mozzarella cheese in olive oil for your taco base. Or, use your favorite tomato-based low sugar, low sodium pasta sauce.

Dig deep! Veggie Lover? Must-have-meat? Fruit fanatic? What’s inside can make or break this healthy pizza taco relationship. If you don’t like a topping on pizza, it’s likely you won’t like it in a pizza taco. Don’t enter this relationship thinking that will change!

Check Out This List for Possible Healthy “Toppings.”


Avoid traditional pepperoni, sausage, and ham. Those meats can be laden with sodium, fat, and preservatives. Instead, try turkey pepperoni or spicy chicken sausage. You could even use Italian-style turkey meatballs. Yum!

Veggies and Fruits:

Remember, you’re thinking taco on the outside, pizza on the inside. Go for things like green peppers, red peppers, spinach, mushroom, black olives, onions, pepperoncini, and pineapple!


There are many low-fat mozzarella and parmesan choices out there. If you don’t do dairy, think about a vegan cheese substitute. You can add zip to the cheese by adding fresh oregano, basil or parsley.

Get creative and find your style. Try sautéing ingredients together to enhance flavor. Or drop veggies in the shell raw.

Once you’ve found your favorite pizza-taco combo go to town and eat it down! Then consider flipping that on its head and create your own taco-pizza by whipping up some pizza dough and covering it with your favorite taco toppings. Viva la pizza-taco!


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