5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

stay motivated

Hands up if a lot of your plans over the next several weeks involve food, family, parties, and age-old traditions! ‘Tis the season for fun. But letting loose doesn’t have to mean (completely) letting go of your normal fitness and diet routine. Check out these following ideas to help you stay motivated in the face of all that good cheer.

5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated This Holiday Season:

1. Start documenting all the things you’re grateful for.

Giving thanks doesn’t have to happen only on the eponymous holiday. Begin the simple daily exercise where you write down things you have to be thankful for. Realizing how many gifts you have is killer motivation to continue taking the actions which help you manifest these gifts in your life.

Need some ideas? Here are some of ours:

  • The gym
  • Our sneakers
  • Our spouses who watch the kids while we go workout!

You only need a minute or two to do this, so try it first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Get creative and get thankful!

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2. Experiment with one or two new healthy recipes.

If you’re going to enjoy some decadent holiday treats—especially ones that are homemade or super nostalgic—then enjoy them in moderation and without guilt!

But to help you combat the “I shouldn’t have this” internal soundtrack, try cooking up a new recipe that’s healthy and delicious. Breeze through these 30 tasty ideas from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition to get started.

stay motivated

3. Recruit your friends and family for some functional fitness.

Nothing feels better than a nice long walk after dinner—or some friendly competition right before! Get your whole family involved in fitness fun by encouraging group walks, hikes, or flag football games.

4.  Turn Black Friday into “Back At It Friday.”

After a day of indulgence on Thanksgiving, you can jumpstart your mind and body back into health by heading to the gym for a good workout. Doing this as soon as you can after a “splurge” day helps remind you how good it feels to stay active—plus, it’ll give you a nice burst of energy, which could come in handy if you brave the crowds and go shopping later!

By the way, the same goes for December. You can easily turn Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) into a day where you really do train like a boxer: try a 15-minute circuit of fast and explosive bodyweight movements like mountain climbers, jumping split lunges, and burpees—something quick and intense to get your heart rate up!

5. Schedule sessions with a personal trainer.

There’s nothing that will help you stay motivated more than someone cheering you on along the way. A personal trainer can be a valuable and objective resource who can help you re-evaluate your goals (New Year’s is right around the corner, after all) and help you stick to your diet and training plan.

Even just a few sessions with a personal trainer is a great gift for yourself with an AMAZING return on investment.

Ready to connect with a personal trainer before the holidays start roaring like a chimney fire? Contact our personal training team now.

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